2015: Year of the 90s Comeback?

10 Feb

TeemPlayer / CC BY SA 3.0

Thinking back to the sustenance of my childhood, I guess you could say I was well-equipped. If you were to name any popular snacks of the era, I’ve probably had or feasted on them during my formative years, as any other child had. Dunkaroos, anyone? In fact, I remember when Trix were actually fruit-shaped and Sprite had flavors. But such things that have played a big part of our nostalgic upbringing don’t seem so paramount until you grow up and think, “Hey whatever happened to…?” Then you realize it’s been faded out and ripped off our grocery shelves in some cruel and unusual punishment for growing up. So the excitement one gets when hearing about a cherished goody possibly making a comeback is the greatest kind. Yeah, that means it’s better than Christmas. image2 It was only a couple months ago when I heard General Mills was bringing back its beloved French Toast Crunch. If you know me, you know I do not live without my cereal. If I could have a permanent fully stocked cereal bar in my house at all times, I would. Aka, this was a big deal! I made sure to get a box as soon as it came back to stores and immediately poured myself a bowl. It tasted like my childhood. French Toast Crunch, please don’t ever leave me again. image1 But this particular cereal actually seems to be only the first of what is many to come. Mars just brought back Crispy M&Ms last month after announcing the venture to Buzzfeed back in October. I was never really a big fan before they were discontinued in 1998, but I can appreciate the sentimentality of knowing something I’ve seen on shelves as a 9-year-old is back to grace my presence 16 years later. #IllNeverGrowUp And then there’s the long-awaited comeback of what was literally the sparkling pseudo-water of my youth. There was just something about drinking cherry-flavored fizz from a teardrop-shaped bottle that screamed refreshing. And I want it now. Yes, Clearly Canadian is coming back. The company announced a crowd-funding effort to reintroduce the beverage across the U.S. just a couple of years ago. It aims to sell 25,000 pre-ordered cases before it will begin production. Psst… It’s currently at nearly 23,000 cases sold, so pre-order your case already and let’s get this thing moving! 



So we’ve so far seen three comebacks in just the early months of 2015, and I smell a trend a-comin’. As much as I’d love to get my hands on some Mickey’s Parade Ice Pops or, of course, some Pop Tart Crunch again, there seems to be a larger fan base behind the defunct Orbitz soda, also a Clearly Canadian product. But regardless of what discontinued product is, or isn’t, coming back, there is one treat that could easily quell one juvenile desire to relive my childhood: Kinder eggs. Can we at least make them legal in this country?

A. Kniesel / CC BY SA 3.0

A. Kniesel / CC BY SA 3.0


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