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Thanks and Food

29 Nov

What better holiday than Thanksgiving to resurrect my hiatus from this blog! On the menu were the typical items, all made from scratch, and I appointed myself on dessert duty. A rendition of an old favorite returned, as you might have read before: Mascarpone Mini Cheesecakes. Only this time, I made the full-sized cheesecake and the center did not collapse!

My new project was a classic apple pie. It’s not Thanksgiving without apples! For this recipe, I quartered the apples, but I think next time I will cut or slice them smaller and then substitute half the white sugar with brown sugar for a gooier filling. Though delicious, the filling in this recipe was more runny than I would have liked. I also think it needed a bit more nutmeg or maybe even some ginger.

I decided to iPhone this project, so forgive the subpar quality of the photos.


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In Bad Taste: The Cookie Dough Cafe Reviewed

16 Dec


Cookie dough is basically the sinful treat every baker nabs in the kitchen. Whether you will even admit it, we all sneak at least a finger-full of the raw concoction. But here to save the day, or so I thought, was a product from The Cookie Dough Cafe — safe and edible cookie dough in a jar! The idea is actually not a secret, and many tried-and-true recipes for the eggless dough can be found around the Internet already. And after a recent unsatisfactory experience with the company, the high prevalence of these other recipes lends to the reason why I easily will not give another penny to this company.

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Italian Flag Almond Cookies

22 Dec


It has been a while since I’ve last posted, but I managed to remember getting some photos of this two-day ordeal. Yes, TWO days! Although a majority of that time is spent inactive, you still have to remember to make time during the couple days to begin each step of this process. It is all worth it, though. Trust! This cookie is my favorite and very fitting for Christmas. It’s essentially almond shortbread layered with apricot preserves and coated with dark chocolate. Thanks to Smitten Kitchen for the recipe.

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Apple Pie Cookies

1 Oct


I’ve been debating writing this post because I’m not done tweaking the recipe to my liking. I saw this post and knew I had to try it myself. The recipe calls for canned apple pie filling and bottled caramel sauce, and since I prefer homemade ingredients to canned/bottled, I tried this recipe by making my own apple filling and caramel. The cookies turned out good, but not perfect. That’s the great thing about baking, you get to learn from your experiences! I will continue tweaking this one until it suits my tastes better. Read on if you want to try this yourself!

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Mascarpone Mini Cheesecakes

21 Sep


I’ve been making the same cheesecake recipe for years and I wanted to try something different. I was watching Giada last week and was inspired to make a similar mascarpone cheesecake with Nutella sauce. I converted her recipe to make 8 individual-sized cheesecakes. Original recipe is located here. The taste of these are spot on; very light and moist. They failed at keeping their shape and fell after cooling, but I promise you these taste so much better than they look.

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Nutella a la Brownies

22 Aug

Me and boyfriend’s anniversary was on Friday, so I decided to make some brownies from scratch. I had some Nutella in the pantry and thought it’d be delicious to add some into brownie batter. It helps if you have a stand mixer, but hand-mixing works too.

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