Plated Unboxing

12 Dec


Foodies listen up! I recently came across a solution to the lazy cook’s dreams. It’s called Plated, and basically you order meals to be sent directly to you with just enough of each ingredient to make the specified amount of servings. It’s great! No need to buy a whole pack of fresh herbs or a huge jar of some dressing only for them to remain at the bleakest forgotten depths of your fridge to rot. And at about $12-15 per plate, it’s about the same cost, if not more affordable, than ordering take out (which I do way too often)! If anyone wants to try it out, head on over here to Plated via my referral link for your first two FREE plates 🙂 Now onto the unboxing!


When placing orders for meals, you decide whether you’d like for them to be delivered on a Wednesday or a Saturday. You get a tracking number with each box and it comes to your doorstep like this! Needless to say, my cats were just as interested as I was.


This is how it looks when opened. All your ingredients sit in cooler-like insulation with large ice packs wedged between.


Take out all the ingredients, and you see each bundled into their own bags. For this order, I ordered two plates for two different meals. For my first meal, I chose to make the maple glazed pork chops.


And as you can see, each ingredient for that meal is specifically labeled with just enough of the ingredient you need. No need to fiddle around with dirtying up measuring spoons or your kitchen! Each recipe comes with its own instructions with pictures included.


And the final product! The glazed pork chops sit atop of a pile of mashed sweet potatoes and garnished with glazed walnuts and candied ginger. It was delicious and so easy to make. It would’ve taken me so much longer if I didn’t have all the ingredients prepped for me already.


I didn’t take any photos while cooking the second meal. But that one was equally delicious. It was sweet and spicy chicken roasted with carrots and onions. I am actually going to note the marinade for this and use it for future recipes. The marinade included lemon and orange juices, honey, fresh thyme, dates, whole grain mustard, a bay leaf, crushed red pepper, and olive oil. The finished plate was garnished with pistachios.

I highly suggest ordering from Plated every so often. You do not have to commit to a set schedule if you subscribe. You can skip however many weeks you’d like until you feel like ordering again. You can’t pass up simple, affordable, delicious, healthy home cooking.


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