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2015: Year of the 90s Comeback?

10 Feb

TeemPlayer / CC BY SA 3.0

Thinking back to the sustenance of my childhood, I guess you could say I was well-equipped. If you were to name any popular snacks of the era, I’ve probably had or feasted on them during my formative years, as any other child had. Dunkaroos, anyone? In fact, I remember when Trix were actually fruit-shaped and Sprite had flavors. But such things that have played a big part of our nostalgic upbringing don’t seem so paramount until you grow up and think, “Hey whatever happened to…?” Then you realize it’s been faded out and ripped off our grocery shelves in some cruel and unusual punishment for growing up. So the excitement one gets when hearing about a cherished goody possibly making a comeback is the greatest kind. Yeah, that means it’s better than Christmas. Continue reading


Italian Flag Almond Cookies

22 Dec


It has been a while since I’ve last posted, but I managed to remember getting some photos of this two-day ordeal. Yes, TWO days! Although a majority of that time is spent inactive, you still have to remember to make time during the couple days to begin each step of this process. It is all worth it, though. Trust! This cookie is my favorite and very fitting for Christmas. It’s essentially almond shortbread layered with apricot preserves and coated with dark chocolate. Thanks to Smitten Kitchen for the recipe.

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Hummus & Skillet Pita Bread

29 Sep


‘Hummus and pita’ is one of those snacks I like to eat for a light lunch or for when I’m too lazy busy to make something more elaborate. Plus, homemade hummus lasts a good week in the fridge; perfect to accompany pita bread or pita chips for a quick fill-me-up when you need it. I made this chickpea-goodness along with homemade guacamole and salsa last weekend to snack on while Justin and I watched football. I think I’m loving my new food processor.

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